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"Any customer can have a car painted any color
that he wants so long as it is black."
Henry Ford

Many liquidators only offer a single "all-inclusive" package which provides you with many services normally used during and after a sale.  This is fine, as long as the client requires all of the included services and is willing and able to pay for them out of the gross proceeds of the sale.

TTES is a little different.

TTES offers a "cafeteria-style" approach to the liquidation services we offer.  We prefer to give you a range of services that you and your family members can select from to get a sale that's best for your needs, your timeframe and your budget.

  • Want to or just need to keep as much of the proceeds as possible?  Then choosing to have TTES just set up and run your sale is the best choice.
  • Need help afterwards getting rid of most of the items left over from the sale?  Choose to have TTES remove all of the items offered for sale, but didn't sell.
  • Need the house completely emptied after the sale?  Then our post-sale room clean-out option is your best bet!

Having TTES Conduct Your Estate Sale

Our staff will perform all of the following before and during your sale:
  1. Perform a complete "dig" of your home.  This includes emptying of all shelves, drawers and packed-away items throughout the entire home.
  2. Research/price your items for value.  All items of value discovered during the dig will be evaluated and assigned a fair and competitive liquidation price.
  3. Determine the best traffic flow for your sale.  Allowing ample space for people to move around in your home while also effectively showcasing your items is critical to a safe, effective and profitable sale.
  4. Set up the items for the sale.  Our staff will bring in the required tables, tablecloths, additional lighting and other items/supplies needed to properly display and showcase your items for the sale.
  5. Advertise the sale.  We will place appropriate ads in both the local print media and various web sites to ensure a good crowd shows up for your sale.  Web-based ads include plenty of photos of your items.
  6. Obtain all the required permits your city or locality requires to conduct a multi-day estate sale.
  7. Conduct the sale.  We provide all the necessary uniformed labor needed to both conduct the sale, as well as help safeguard the items from accidental damage or theft.
  8. Continuously inspect the home and your items, and re-arrange and tidy up your items as they are being sold.  We also check for missing or "swapped" price tags.
  9. Provide signage for the sale.  This includes signs to direct buyers to the sale, as well as directional and safety signage within and around the home.
  10. Utilize a "numbers" system to help control the flow of traffic in and around your home.
  11. Provide a "wrapping station" with free bubble wrap, boxes and other wrapping materials our customers can use to wrap their purchases.
  12. Provide you with daily end-of-sale updates on how the sale went.

And don't forget!  We also accept all major credit/debit cards at our sales, too!  Customers LOVE them!

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Post-Sale Options

But since there is no such thing as a "cookie cutter" approach to an estate or tag sale, we offer an array of available optional services for a customized package that fits your needs, timeframe and budget.

Fees for these services vary based on estate size and complexity.

Post-Sale Item Clean-Out

After the sale has been completed, we will dispose of all remaining sale items from the home.  This is an excellent option when you simply don't want any of the remaining items from the sale and you no longer want to deal with them yourself.

When possible, we will arrange for a charitable donation of as many remaining items as possible.

Room Clean-Outs

As much as we wish we can sell anything for you, there are cases where items in your home simply aren't sellable.  Examples of these non-sale items include stacks of scrap wood, old paint or non-working washers and dryers.

But...you still need these items cleaned out.

We'll be happy to give you a cost-effective quote to clean out these rooms for you.  Room Clean-Ups include a quick broom-sweep or vacuuming of the room, too!

*  *  *

Additional Services

Document Shredding

From cancelled checks to old bills, personal financial documents are too important and risky to just throw in the trash.

So we offer shredding services to handle this paperwork for you.

Whole Estate Clean-Outs

If you need a home emptied in the quickest way possible, we also offer whole house clean-outs.

We will dispose of every item in the home, and perform a quick broom-sweep and vacuuming of the home.

If you need a home cleaned out fast, this option is for you!

Find out more about our estate clean-out service!

Room/Shed/Basement/Garage Clean-Outs

Have a basement filled with junk?  A garage that's packed?  A shed you're afraid of even going into because of all the clutter?

TTES offers complete room clean-out services.

We can completely empty that cluttered attic, basement, garage, shed or outbuilding for you.  We provide the labor, get the dumpster (if needed) and can have that room emptied for you quickly and at competitive rates.

TTES offers an Accelerated Set-Up option so you can have your sale in as little as 7 days!Accelerated Set-Up

Need to hold your sale really quickly?

TTES offers an Accelerated Set-Up option where we can have your sale organized and ready to do in as little as 7 days!

Find out more.